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We love all things creative!

A Manchester-based production company working within the industry for 10 years.

With a broad range of clients all over the UK, we have a team of highly skilled camera operators, editors, motion graphic designers, directors, producers plus any extra crew you might need for your production. We can create any type of video you might need from a small interview to a music video or commercial.

We have been working with some of our clients for many years but we also gain new clients all the time. Our clients come from a range of backgrounds from major sporting events to PR and marketing companies, from web design agencies to clothing brands. We work personally with each client, assess their needs and do everything we can to create the best and most effective videos possible. We are ready to get to work on making your vision a reality.

How we can help

We can shoot anything no matter how big or small.  We can also edit your own material.

Live Event Film Crews

We have camera crews all over the UK available to cover your live event.  Our crew have the equipment suitable to cover your live event and stream this, either onto a big screen or via social media.  Times are changing and many live events are now watched remotely so this can now be arranged.

Please get in touch for details by email gaby@elitefilmandmedia.co.uk


Company Promo

We can provide crew and equipment for a full, professional shoot or simply just edit your own footage, filmed on your phone.  We can get the best out of your business and make you look exactly how you want to come across on social media - aesthetically pleasing and "Insta-worthy!".

We work within COVID safe guidelines and our shoots can include minimal crew.


Existing Footage Edited

Do you need help turning your own footage into something amazing?  It might be from your phone, an old camera or a few clips still sitting on your computer waiting to be brought to life.

Many companies send us their phone footage and ask us to turn it into something great.  Please just ask and we can have a chat about this.

All over the UK

We can shoot your event, film or production no matter where in the UK you might be.

We have shot many sporting events and huge dinners, covering everything and creating a beautiful highlights package of the day or night.

This is something that can be used on your website or social media platforms as short social stories.

Actor showreels

We have worked within the casting industry for many years, so we know exactly what casting directors are looking for.  We can shoot, direct and edit something that will really get the best out of your abilities and make you stand out.

Our clients

We have clients from all backgrounds from makeup academies to children's animation companies.  From PR companies to swimming coaches.

Over the year we have created videos for huge brands such as Speedo, Jagermeister, and Aldi.


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